........here are the main events ............

  the main event - Django's living heritage -  here he lived and died in 1953
  Samois-sur-Seine, France, Ile du Berceau,  last weekend in June (32nd festival)
  Belgium's top-event for Django's music and Django's birthplace
  Liberchies, Belgium, city-center, mid of May (9th festival)
  Germany's top-event  for Django's music.
  Augsburg, Germany, Parktheater, 1. weekend in May (19th festival)
  Germany's second top-event - the "Sinti & Roma Musik Festival" -
  something like a family reunion
  Koblenz, Germany, Asterstein, first weekend in July (12th festival)
  UK's event
  Gossington, Gloucestershire, UK, last weekend July 2011
  another  interesting German event
  Hildesheim, Germany, Gut Steuerwald, 2. weekend July  (10th festival)
  and......another German event
  Burgthann/Altdorf-Grünsberg, Germany, Burgschänke/Burg Grünsberg,
  beginning of August  (4th festival)
  a German event - nice location, a bit maritime and northern....
  Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Am Wasserturm, 2. weekend in September (14th festival)
  for those, who go to the United States
another French event - nice location, good program
Salbris, France, 1. weekend June (10th festival)
a big French event - ancient town and big program
Angers, France,  May 2009 (15th festival)
for those, who want to see the other side of the globe -
Noumea, New Caledonia - South Sea/Pacific
mid of November - excellent program and incomparable venue - got a sister in Brisbane, AUS, now....
another French event - very picturesque location, high class program
La Petite Pierre, France, 1. & 2. week in August (8th festival)
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